Hymen and Virginity


Does Losing Virginity Open the Hymen?

Whenever a woman has vaginal sex for the first time, the hymen can be stretched open and it might cause a little bleeding and pain. However, the hymen can also be opened by other means including bike riding, some kinds of sports and vaginal insertions like tampons, toys and fingers.

Can One Be Said to Be a Virgin If their Hymen is Intact?

Although some people think that one can’t be a virgin if their hymen is already stretched, hymen and virginity are different things. Some women are born with hymens that are naturally stretched while others are also opened by other activities. As such, the way a person’s hymen feels or looks can’t tell if she is a virgin or not.

What does it mean to Lose Virginity?

There are many explanations for losing virginity. But, the truth is that one stops to be a virgin whenever they engage in oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex.

What is the Average Age for Most People to Lose Virginity?

Most people start having sex at the age 17. To some it happens earlier while others lose their virginity later in life. Losing virginity is a personal decision but it is advisable to wait until you are sure that you are ready for sex.

Does Pain and Bleeding Occur when Losing Virginity?

During the first experience of vaginal or anal penetration, pain and bleeding are normal occurrences that occur due to stretching of the muscles of the vagina and anus. However, it depends on an individual’s levels of arousal, lubrication and anatomy.

There could still be many questions about the hymen and virginity bothering you. However, these explanations can be helpful in making informed decisions about losing your virginity.

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